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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wizarding Protection Program (Wizarding Protection Program Series Book 1) by J.B. Taylor

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Christine is an actress, a breakout star in truth. She never believed in wizards. She never knew of the darkest wizard ever to have existed … Mortem. But Mortem knows of her. Christine is the sole survivor of his assassination of two wizarding journalists that resulted in a destroyed café and many dead civilians. Fearful her rising celebrity will bring his great plan to take over the wizarding world into the consciousness of the public he seeks her out, and Christine is forced on the run.

Five Star Amazon Review by User K.D.

This wizarding short story was not only wonderful but brilliant!
J.B. Taylor's take on wizard wands is quite unique and left me wanting to know more and the action and suspense kept me on the edge of my seat. I've read a couple of J.B.'s shorts now and can honestly say he is a master of creating depth and intriguing story-lines within a couple of pages, reminiscent of the much anticipated penny dreadfuls of old. I can't wait for the next installment of the Wizarding Protection Program! 

About the Author

J.B Taylor was born in Indiana where he still resides with his rescued Henry, Bo, and Rocky. He is the author of numerous short stories and has a collection of all new shorts due out later this year.

Now available on Amazon!

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