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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review: Morium by S.J. Hermann

MoriumMorium by S.J. Hermann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An important work about relevant issues.

I teach high school. I see bullying in action all the time, and it comes in many forms. It's easy to identify bullying when it includes physical violence or outright name calling or put downs. Hermann brings to light the "kill 'em with kindness" bully-- the one who goes out of her way to say hi or compliment their victim. To an outsider, it looks like kindness. To the bully and her victim, it's nastiness to draw negative attention to the victim while confusing outsiders. As a teacher, it is hard to fight this bully. "You can't tell me I can't say hi." This book provides an excellent glimpse into the agony of being bullied as well as the negative view the bully has of himself or herself.

I also more clearly understand what drives people to cut themselves. I finally see that emotional anguish is like a migraine. It hurts like hell, but if you bark your shin on the coffee table, you forget about your headache for a while. Lexi will help you to understand just how much pain a teen can feel and how a razor blade can release or mask some of that anguish.

The book is well written and entertaining as well, but the power of the message is the reason to read this book.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quick and Dirty: A New Collection by Patient Lee

Featuring two newly published stories, Quick and Dirty contains five short stories about watching and being watched. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Collared in the Temple of Dendur: A young woman meets an older man in the wake of a break-up and discovers her submissive side. Her Master takes her to the Temple of Dendur exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she submits to letting him fuck her in public in order to earn her collar, sealing his Dominance over her. This story features light and sensual BDSM, public submission and sex, and a Dom that will make your panties wet.

They were still walking by when I felt a draft on my bottom. He had lifted my skirt, exposing my buttocks for a moment. I felt one of his hands on my ass for a moment before he used it to guide his cock against me. His other hand was on my back, pushing me gently forward. Again, he spoke into my ear. "Spread your legs a little."

His cock poked my flesh several times, trying to find the spot. He was taller than I, and this wasn't the most convenient position for us to fuck. As he slid into my warm, tight cunt, I bit my lip to keep from crying out. His erection was much thicker than my ex-fiancé's, and it still filled me with a shock I didn't expect, even all these months since that first night after the party. When his pubic hair tickled between my ass cheeks, he said, "Now you may come, my little slut. Do it fast. It won't take me long."

The last of the Asian tourists entered the temple as he began fucking in and out of my cunt. The pleasure was so intense, I no longer cared what they thought. I arched my back a little bit, pressing my nipples against the lace of the bralette. He took the folio from me once again and let it fall to the floor. I knew that the remaining tourists would turn to look. I could feel their stares burning right through our façade of normal behavior. "Put your hand in the bra cup and pinch your nipple," he said. I complied right away, pinching harder than necessary. I tried not to make a sound as the sensation in my cunt swelled in time with the pain in my nipple. "Good girl. Quietly. Come for me, slut."

My fingers moved in a blur against my clit, and I fucked back against him, trying to take him deeper despite an angle that prohibited such motion. I was on the brink of coming, pinching and rubbing and bucking my hips.

"Hey, professor! How are ya?" A man's deep voice boomed over the wall of the temple.
What the Hell Are You Looking at? A quirky tale from the perspective of a fictional onlooker to the Déjeuner sur l'Herbe, the painting by Edouard Manet featuring two fully clothed "dandies" and a nude woman having a picnic.

From my vantage point, I had an unobstructed view of her and her private parts. The pink flesh between her legs glistened with her arousal. The soft mounds of her breasts contrasted with the hardness of her erect nipples, sending a surge of pleasure through my cock. I quickened the pace of my hand and forced myself not to cry out and draw attention. 

The man who had been fellated by the nude woman knelt in front of her and dipped his head between her parted legs. His tongue touched her pussy, and she shivered a bit at that first contact. He licked all around her clitoris, slowly at first. The woman moaned, and her hips rocked against his mouth. I watched his tongue probing her most private of areas, finding the spots that brought her pleasure. 

Although I had heard of cunnilingus, I had never ventured to suggest to my own wife that I perform this wickedly sensuous act on her. This was my first true introduction to oral sex on a woman, and while I was slightly reviled by what I saw, I knew that I would indeed lick a woman between the legs as soon as I could arrange it.  I wondered what a pussy would taste like, remembering the musky scent that had emanated from her womanly cleft.

Conversation between the picnickers had finally ceased, and the man whose cock had previously been in the woman’s pussy now lowered himself to his hands and knees, straddling the woman’s head. I saw the woman’s tongue reach to meet his cock before he plunged it into her mouth. With a start, I realized that she must be tasting the juice of her own pussy mixing with the pre-cum that would be pooling in his slit. My pleasure surged at her wantonness, and I willed myself not to come just yet.
Between the Sheets: A fictional transcript of a fictional radio show on a fictional satellite radio station. Actress Tessa Tayes tells the Beau Stewart Show about the time a neighbor watched her pleasuring herself while hanging laundry.

Beau:  Why don't you just give us a look?
Nick:  Yeah.  Just pull your top up for a minute.
Tessa:  I will NOT.  I'm telling you this story instead.  Stop interrupting.  Seriously.  What was in that tea?
Nick:  Just keep talking, honey. This is going well.
Tessa:  (sigh)  I was just wearing my bottoms, and I started to dance a little bit.
Beau:  Was there any music?
Tessa:  No.  Well, maybe I sang or something.  I don't know.  I just moved.  My tits were jiggling with me, so I started jumping a little bit too.  (giggle)
Beau:  You were jumping topless without anyone to see?
Nick:  That sounds like a waste.
Tessa:  (giggle)  It felt good.  It made my nipples tingle. 
Beau:  Tell me.  What color are your nipples?
Tessa:  Umm . . . Kinda pinkish.  Maybe more of a rose color.  Why am I telling you this? 
Nick:  And how big are your areolae?  Just show us with your fingers.
Tessa:  About like this.
Nick:  What's that, like the size of a quarter?
Beau:  Nah, more like a half-dollar.  Just the right size to get your lips around.  Were your nipples hard?
Tessa:  Of course, so then I kinda rubbed them against the cool sheets. 
Beau:  Can you demonstrate the technique you used for that?  I mean, with your top still on if you insist on it.
Tessa:  Sorta like this.  Against the sheets.  It felt awesome.
Beau:  That's fuckin' hot. 
Tessa:  Yeah.  It was.  I was getting so  (giggle)  turned on.  Apparently my new next-door neighbor thought it was hot too.
Beau:  In the house that was empty?  Or in another house?
Tessa:  In the FORMERLY empty house.  A new couple had just moved in that week or something.
Beau:  So who thought it was hot?  A man or a woman?
Tessa:  The man.  I found out later that he was, like, forty years old.  I happened to glance at the upstairs window, and I saw him. 
Beau:  He wasn't even trying to hide?
Tessa:  No!  He was just leaning towards the window with his palms on the windowsill.  Hey, can I have more of that tea?  That was delicious.
Nick:  I'm on it.
(door opens and closes)
Beau:  So what did you do?
Tessa:  Well, I thought I was hidden by the sheets, but that obviously wasn't true.  (giggle)  I panicked.  I froze and looked around for my top first.  I guess I kicked it or something when I was dancing.
Beau:  When you were dancing or prancing?
Tessa:  (giggle)  I have no idea.  I kinda covered myself with a sheet and tried to figure out what I was gonna do. 
Beau:  How long did you stand there like that?
Tessa:  I don't know, but all of a sudden I heard music coming from the house next door.  He'd opened the window too.
(door opens and closes)
Nick:  Here you go, honey.  I put in a little extra "courage."
Tessa:  Thank you.
Beau:  What song was it?
Tessa:  What?
Beau:  What song was coming from next door?
Tessa:  Oh.  I don't know.  Something old.  I didn't recognize it, but I guessed he was enjoying the show and wanted me to keep dancing.
Beau:  So you did, right?
Tessa:  (giggle)  Yeah.  I did.  (slurp)

I Won a Basket of Porn: 

An award-winning, unconventionally told story inspired by a real life premonition that came true--that I would win a vibrator. The rest of the story is fiction, told through fictional newspaper articles and the comments that follow them. It's a satirical look at what can happen when everybody gets a say, even when they don't understand the whole story. Here's an excerpt from the middle of the story:

East Lake Gazette

August 10, 2012



EAST LAKE – Superintendent James McAffee reported that the district is looking into the allegations that Ms. Patricia Gray's behavior at the ELVFC Summer Fun Fair violated the Code of Ethics signed by teachers upon being hired in the school district. This code includes Actional Non-Criminal Misconduct, including an immorality clause. 
The attorney for the school district, Paul Ostrowski, declined to comment, but the teachers’ union’s representative made the following statement: “We completely support Ms. Lee’s right to act within the limits of the law outside of school. She is legally of age to purchase alcohol, to gamble, and to possess pornography. We are prepared to fight on her behalf to save her job.”
Our attempts to reach Ms. Gray at home were unsuccessful.

Pastor_Dan :: 3 hours ago
Praise God! It’s about time somebody did something about this. School starts in a few weeks. This process will take time. They’ll need to hire a replacement. WE CANNOT HAVE A PORNOGRAPHY LOVER TEACHING OUR CHILDREN!
Church_Lady :: 3 hours ago
Pastor Dan, the whole town is behind you. Imogene Peterson started a prayer group on Thursday nights to support this cause. Teachers are not like regular people. They must be held to a higher standard.
RockOn123 :: 3 hours ago
I still can’t believe that their was a vasket of porn. I would have spent a ton of $$ if I knew I could win pron. 
Susan_Kline :: 2 hours ago
Does anybody know what was in the basket? Maybe we’re blowing this out of proportion for nothing. 
Dorothy_Jane :: 2 hours ago
I heard that teachers aren’t even allowed to have a facebook. I know that Miss Gray does. She shouldn’t be aloud to send massages to kids. What if she sends porno pic. Gross
Concerned :: 2 hours ago
Teachers must be responsible for the moral behavior of the community. Remember that football coach that was fired because he didn’t report his assistant coach for molesting boys? That’s how it works. 
God_Is_Good :: 2 hours ago
1 John 2:16 - For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
LadiesAux :: 2 hours ago
I put the basket on the table, so I know what was in it. I can’t even bring myself to say it.
Mr_Bill :: 2 hours ago
She was my kid’s teacher last year. If she gets fired, does that mean that my daughter has to repeat 2nd grade? They took away all those football players wins away when they fired the coach for not reporting the sexual abuse by the assistant coach in the shower at the university. I’m afraid that they’ll take away my daughter’s second grade
WannaSurf :: 1 hour ago
I can’t beleive that my 2nd grade teacher likes porn that is so hot
Laura_and_Steve :: 1 hour ago
She is an awesome teacher. Leave her alone. It’s nobody’s business.
Concerned_Parent :: 1 hour ago
Does anybody know if your child gets Mrs. Gray who you call to get your class changed? I don’t want my son in her class.
Mias_Mom :: 1 hour ago
The school has to understand. They’re trying their best to fire her. If my son gets her and they won’t change it, the school will just have to pay for him to do cyberschool. If enough parents do that, they’ll have to fire her. They won’t be able to afford for all those kids to go cyber.
Get_Real :: 1 hour ago
I don’t think the school district pays for cyberschool. That doesn’t make any sense.
ELEA555 :: 1 hour ago
They do in this state. It costs about $11,000 per student per year. (state average) It comes right out of the school budget, funded by your tax dollars. 
Get_Real :: 1 hour ago
I doubt it.
ELEA555 :: 1 hour ago
Google it.
Get_Real :: less than an hour ago
I stand corrected. Taxpayers- this is bogus. Call the superintendent. Gray has to be replaced. We can’t afford to pay her salary, plus cyber tuition for all of her students. 

Watch Me: 

A family of five vacations in New York City. When the woman's parents offer to take the children for the night in the adjoining hotel room, they take advantage of the "adult time." Staying quiet so parents and children don't hear, they exchange delicious oral sex. They up the ante when she opens the curtains and presses her breasts against the cold glass, begging the people in view to watch her. Excerpt:

"Shh!" I said with a giggle as we entered the hotel room. I could hear the TV in my parents' room through the thin wall. Frank had his arm around me, and he spun me and pushed me back against the wall separating the bathroom from the rest of the room. He kissed me, and he thrust his tongue along mine filling my mouth. His hands were on my jaw, pulling my head toward him. I put my hands on his butt and pulled him into me. We kissed hard and fast, like we used to when we were teenagers, making out on the couch with my parents in their room down the hall.

I moaned into Frank's mouth, and felt the heat burning between my legs. It had been weeks since our kids let us have a night alone, and I needed a good, hard fucking. Frank's hands went to my blouse, and he ripped it open, popping buttons onto the floor.

"Oh my god, that's hot," I murmured with my mouth still working against his lips. His head dipped to my neck, and he kissed along my collarbone before moving toward my cleavage. He grabbed my breasts over my bra and groped them roughly, almost hurting me, but not quite.

"Does that turn you on, baby?" he asked. I managed to nod just before his fingers slipped inside the top of both cups and he gave a tug, separating them. Nothing happened on the first tug. My head went back against the wall, and I arched my back, pressing my breasts toward him.

He tried again, and this time, the fabric separated with a loud ripping noise. The sound of the satin giving way sent a fresh wave of heat through my pussy. I was getting wet, but I couldn't help but bitch about having to replace it. "Frank! That was my favorite bra!" I stuck my bottom lip out in what I hoped would be a very persuasive pout.

"I'll buy you two tomorrow," he said, his voice rough with lust. I put my hand on Frank's groin. He was as aroused as I was. He put his hands on my tits. They were just large enough fill his calloused palms. He rubbed my nipples with his thumbs, and I rewarded him by pulling my skirt up over my hips. He gave the hard nubs one more flick before he grabbed my panties and shoved them down to my knees. I stepped out of them while he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his cock.

He grabbed my legs under my thighs and hoisted me up, pressing me against the wall. I wrapped my feet around his ass and pulled him into me. I was so wet, the head of his cock slipped right into my hole, and he slammed into my pussy. "Oh, that's how you want to play it," I said with a sexy smile. "You want to fuck me up against the wall, huh?"

He pulled my head to him again and kissed me hard, causing our teeth to crash together. We both laughed, but only for a split second before he pulled out and pumped into me again. Over and over, he drilled me against the wall while I held on for dear life. After a moment, I lost my grip, and slid toward the floor.

Frank supported my bottom until my feet were on the floor, and then he pushed his pants down around his thighs and pushed me to my knees. "Suck my cock," he said in a gravelly whisper. I looked up and smiled, and then I opened my mouth and put my hand on his shaft. It was sticky with the juices from my pussy, and I giggled at the naughtiness of licking it clean. I guided him into my mouth and started to lick from base to tip. The wetness on his pubic hair tickled my face. My own scent, thick and heady, sent a fresh wave of arousal between my legs.

"Can you taste your pussy, slut?" he said as he tousled my hair. I nodded and smiled around his cock. I started jacking back and forth with my hand, my fingers hitting my lips. Being a slut made me even hotter.

"Mm-hmm," I said, running my tongue along the underside of his erection. I put my other hand around his balls and caressed them. They were sticky from my pussy too.
"Oh, baby. I'm not gonna last long."

I pulled my mouth off and jacked with my hand. "Come on my tits, Frank. Make me your slut." He reached down to play with my nipples as I moved my hand faster and faster. "C'mon, baby. Come for me."

His whole body stiffened, and he stifled his shout the best he could. I was glad he remembered that everybody else was next door. I didn't want to have to remind him that my parents and children could hear us in the middle of his orgasm. His cock shot spurt after spurt of cum on my body. The first landed on my lower lip, another one on my chin. The rest covered my tits with splashes of warm, thick cum.

Enjoy the pleasure of watching and being watched in these quick and dirty tales.