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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finding the Erotic Everywhere

I don't think of myself of much of a romantic. I'm not too big on candles and flowers, and I can't
always make myself write a HEA. But for some crazy reason, my characters insist on falling in love. The thing is, romance and the erotic are everywhere. You just have to look at the world through the right lens to see it. I didn't know this until I was almost forty, but I almost always see the world this way now.

(And when I say "see," I also mean "hear." You'll see what I mean in a minute.)

I always talk about "erotic realism," and I never really know if people know if readers know what I mean. (I once got a really terrible review on Wicked Cold because the reader thought I meant "100% true-to-life, accurate facts. In the story, I invented an ice hotel and placed it outside of Montreal. She assumed I was talking about a real ice hotel in Quebec. She accused me of not being as realistic as I claim.)

What I mean is that I write from the perspective of literary realism. "Literary realism, in contrast to idealism, attempts to represent familiar things as they are. Realist authors chose to depict everyday and banal activities and experiences, instead of using a romanticized or similarly stylized presentation." I write about things as they are, not as I wish they were. That reality isn't always happy, and sometimes the reader feels kind of rotten at first. You're supposed to feel rotten. Sometimes life is rotten.

Unlike the literary realists of the nineteenth century, I write erotica. I can't leave readers hanging in the depths of despair, right? So once the reader is sufficiently mired in the darkness, I lift them up. Shine some light onto those characters. Perk them up and get them laid. And then we all feel better, right?

The point is, I prefer to write about homeless people falling in love to writing about billionaires. I'd rather write about the depressed janitor or the bullied teenager than the prom queen. Everyday people in everyday situations, who suddenly find themselves in love. They're all around us.

The key is to keep that erotic lens out there so that when opportunity presents itself, you're ready to turn it into something smutty. (And again, I wear my smut lenses on my ears. I'm auditory. Not so visual.)

For example:

“Fifteen dollars a person, or twenty-eight dollars a couple. That’s right, folks. Come with a friend and save two dollars.”

When I heard this on our morning announcements at school, I cracked up. And I couldn't believe that the sophomores sitting in front of me weren't laughing too. A minute later, I wasn't laughing anymore. I was writing as fast as I could about a depressed teenager with no friends sitting in class hearing the same announcement. "Come with a friend. That's great if you have friends." Next thing I knew, I had this boy in a prom dress, going to the prom with a childhood buddy to get revenge on a bully. And then my brain had them making out. And then in bed. And then happy.

All because I had my smut lenses on my ears.

Come with a Friend is available in the new collection OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay

Another one:

“I have tasty fingers!”

A junior (boy) came back from lunch talking about eating lemonade drink mix with his fingers. When he said that, I instantly thought of fingers actually being able to taste, which reminded me of another student telling me about synesthesia, a condition in which a person has some sensory confusion. I exaggerated it, of course, and made it smutty. A man who couldn't stand the taste of pussy. (Seriously, what kind of man is he??) When his girlfriend turns down his marriage proposal because she's not being satisfied, he gets help from an unethical pharmaceutical researcher who gives him a solution: fingers that taste.

Read it here on Literotica (for free):

The bottom line is that the erotic is everywhere. Keep an eye and ear out, and you'll find it.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Landscaper in Paradise

Landscaper in Paradise (The Landscaper Series, #4) I was looking forward to this one, and I was not disappointed!

Click here to read my post about the book release.

Landscaper in Paradise by Robin Stone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this final installment with trepidation because I couldn't imagine what kind of ending would satisfy me after three super hot, romantic books. How could a story of polyamory end happily, with all parties satisfied? Robin Stone nailed it.

Just like the other books, this one is filled with scorching sex and deep feelings, but in this one, we finally see Eric opening up and expressing his feelings. It packed a punch.

The Landscaper is one of the best series of erotica I've read. And I'll probably reread it.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Fairy Tale with a Message of Hope: Princess Matilda's Miracle

Princess Matilda's MiraclePrincess Matilda's Miracle by Suzie Jay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a beautiful story of hope. It's a lovely fairy tale with a real-life twist- cancer. The message in this story-pool our resources and fight together- is powerful and relevant. We all know someone fighting this fight. Pool our resources and fight together, and with a little luck, we'll banish that black cloud of cancer. What more could we want?

Such a sweet story with stunning illustrations. An excellent book.

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Another Book Launch: Landscaper in Paradise by Robin Stone

The Landscaper Series is another Patient Lee favorite!

The fourth and final installment in the Landscaper series launched today, and Patient Lee is reading it right now!


  • Title: Landscaper in Paradise, Book 4 in The Landscaper Series
  • Release Date: July 26, 2016
  • Genre: Erotica (bisexual- lots of M/M lovin')
  • Heat Level: Hot!
  • Word Count: 26,000
  • Author: Robin Stone
  • Cover Design: Kim Killion, The Killion Group
  • Landscaper in Paradise on Amazon:

What's it about?

The Landscaper Series is a set of books about a landscaper named Kyle who has a hot fling with his customer, Tracy…while her husband Eric watches. When Eric asks to join them, the threesome start falling for each other. The relationship is tumultuous at times, but Kyle, Tracy, and Eric learn to work out their differences and have a sexy ever after.

Landscaper in Paradise is the fourth and final book in The Landscaper Series.

He bared his soul...and they gave him paradise.

Kyle’s addicted to the mind-blowing sex he has with Tracy and Eric Dawson, spending nights in their bed and weekends in their guest house. He’s no longer the hired help, but an equal partner in the relationship.

Kyle joins the Dawsons on their winter vacation to Hawaii. He learns more about their past, and the threesome find new heights of pleasure in the sultry setting.

But when Tracy bursts into tears and Eric shares his doubts about the relationship, Kyle is thrown into a tailspin. Can they resolve their differences and stay together forever?

Patient Lee's Reviews

Patient Lee has reviewed all three books in the series. Here are the reviews:


Who is Robin Stone?

Stone writes about sexy handyman heroes who work with their hands and the women who lust after them. Her imagination is filled with delivery men, landscapers, and carpenters. Don't worry, ladies, there's enough to go around!

Robin Stone lives near Boston and likes reading, travel, and eating good chocolate. She love hearing from her readers.

Author Contact:


Twitter: @RobinStoneBooks
Goodreads Book Link:

How 'Bout a Dirty Excerpt? 

We made quick work of getting naked and climbing into Tracy and Eric’s bed. Eric lay beside Tracy and gave her a soft, slow kiss that made my mouth water. They took their time, making little noises and stroking each other’s skin.
Hey,” I said.
Eric beckoned me. I leaned over Tracy and kissed Eric hard, tasting Tracy on his lips. She slid her arms around our backs, watching us kiss. Eric teased me, brushing his lips against mine, but not letting my tongue in. Heat built between us, and Tracy’s breathing grew louder.
I bumped against Tracy in my eagerness to devour Eric, but he pulled away, leaving me breathless.
I’m not finished,” I said.
You are for now.”
He kissed his wife, cupping her breast with his big hand. I leaned over and kissed my way down Tracy’s body, leaving a trail of wetness on her stomach, pussy, and thighs. Her legs slid open, and I settled between them.
I breathed in Tracy’s musk and kissed her thighs. I loved driving her crazy, kissing and sucking and giving her pleasure while Eric watched. I dipped my tongue inside her and found wetness. Tracy put her hand on my head, grinding against my mouth. I slid my hands beneath her ass, grabbed tight, and dove in.
I licked her nice and slow, starting at her opening and sliding my tongue up to her clit. Eric kept stroking her breasts.
You like the way he licks you,” he murmured. “Don’t you, baby?”
Tracy’s pussy gushed, and I lapped it up. She got so friggin’ wet when Eric talked dirty. I added a finger, and her hips rose off the bed.
He licks you better than me,” Eric said.
No,” she said.
He fucks you better, too.”
I started pumping my finger slowly in and out, fascinated by their love-talk.
A new gush of fluid dripped down my chin. Her thigh muscles tightened, and she thrust her pelvis against my face. Eric was pinching one nipple and sucking the other. The pleasure combination sent her over the edge, and a few seconds later she came, bucking against my face and crying out. I kept pumping my finger in and out as I lapped her clit. She let out a loud wail, and a spray of fluid went down my throat.
The first squirt of vacation! A triumph.