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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dirty Excerpt: Come with a Friend

 Come with a Friend

An eighteen-old-man with a tragic life and a history of being bullied reconnects with a childhood friend who cooks up a scheme to take revenge on the bully of their youth. But is revenge the real reason for Jason wearing a gown to the prom? Or could it be love?


They both laughed, and Timmy went to the door to switch the lights off again. Kari held her arms out, inviting him back into her embrace. They resumed their kiss, just as passionate as the earlier one.

Kari was fully erect in seconds, her cock pushing against the crinoline under her taffeta skirt. Timmy took her hand from his ass and placed it over his erection, squeezing her hand around him. Then he moved his own hand to Kari's hard-on, not caring if her pre-cum soiled her skirt. He rubbed up and down her cock, moaning into her mouth as he did. "Kari, you're so hard for me."

He pushed her gently by the shoulders until her back was against the wall, and he got to his knees in front of her. His cellphone remained in his hand, and in the dim light, he looked up at her. She was terrified, and it showed on her face, but she made no move to stop him. He placed the cellphone on the floor next to him and reached under her skirt. His hands searched through the layers of the dress until he found her ankles. He ran his palms up her legs, making her giggle nervously.

"I didn't shave my legs," she said, embarrassed.

Timmy paused and looked up at her. "I'm gay, Kari. Hair doesn't bother me." He moved his hands up to her ass, and rubbed her buns, exposed by the slim strip of fabric on the back of the panties she wore. He slipped a finger under the elastic of the silky garment, making her shiver. Her erection poked at his face through the fabric. He grabbed at the layers of material again and ducked his head under the dress. Kari grabbed the hem and pulled it above her waist, allowing him access to her body.

Kari's knees went weak as Timmy's cheek brushed against her thigh. His face rested along her satin-covered cock, and she sighed with a contentment she hadn't felt since the day before she moved away from Mulberry Street. She rubbed Timmy's hair with her free hand, the other still holding up her skirt. "Oh, Timmy," she said, almost in a moan.

Contentment quickly turned to need when Timmy turned his face and placed his mouth over the tip of her cock, her pre-cum soaking through her panties. He licked at with a hunger not found in any ten-minute porn clip, consuming as much of it as he could. When the well ran dry, he reached into her delicate panties and pulled out the cock that strained against them, plunging it directly into his mouth. Her pre-cum dribbled to the back of his mouth, coating his tongue with its viscosity.

"Oh my god," she said with a gasp as she felt the warm wetness of his mouth enveloping her hardness. She gripped his hair tighter as her best friend gave her a blowjob. Her very first. She ignored the irony that she was receiving said blowjob in a prom gown, and groaned as she realized that this would be over far too quickly.
Timmy wrapped his hand around Kari's cock and pulled it back against her flat belly. She pulled her dress up higher, feeling like not just a woman, but a beautiful, sexy woman. Timmy's tongue started behind her balls and licked upward, over her scrotum and up the length of her cock, pausing at the head to lap up the pre-cum that continued to leak out. His own cock, still trapped in his pants, brushed against her legs, reminding her that he was there, and that he was as aroused as she was. His arousal increased Kari's, and she bucked her hips towards his face, fucking him as he sucked harder, as if to draw the cum from her balls.

It worked. "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck," she said, all traces of her fake accent having vanished in her moment of abandon. Her knees shook, but she dropped her skirt over Timmy, and used both hands to grip his head through the fabric. "I'm coming in your mouth, Timmy. Oh, god."

Now available in the collection OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery.

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