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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dirty Excerpt: Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday:


Six friends get together each Black Friday for a mall contest. The girls compete for the best bargains; the guys dream up a "sex in the mall" contest--find women to fuck them in the mall--and provide video evidence.

But Dwayne is not a good looking man. His "rat face" makes it hard to meet women.

Fortunately, "chunky but spunky" Barb offers to help him out by fucking him in the Pearle Vision office. When they edit their video, they realize that they've been attracted to each other for years.

Want a dirty excerpt? Read on:
Rocco made his arrangements with Penny and returned to Lisa. “Did you come up with a location for us to make this audition video?”

“My sister works at the Hallmark store. She thinks she could sneak us into the back room for a few minutes. We have to be quick and quiet though. What do you think?”
“Let’s do it.”

The Hallmark store was packed, and it was hard to get around all of the people trying to buy ornaments, Yankee Candles, and other Christmas crap. Lisa spotted her sister and tried to flag her down. The amalgam of scents from the candles and the cacophony of voices and singing, dancing Santas and musical decorations hit Rocco like a brick wall. This is the unsexiest place ever, he thought. It’s a good thing she’s hot.

He looked around the chaos. “How the fuck are we gonna get back there?”

“My sister’s gonna drop something to create a diversion. That will be our cue to bolt for the back door,” Lisa said as she tried to guide Rocco closer to the back of the store.


“C’mon.” Her sister met them in the doorway, led them to a supply closet in the back, turned on the light, and grabbed a broom. She turned and gave Rocco the once-over. She reached up and touched his long, angular face and let her fingertip settle in the cleft in his chin for a moment.

Rocco smiled, encouraging her.

“I have, like, one second here. Can you take your shirt off so I can see if your abs are as hard as they look through your shirt?”

Lisa pulled him by the hand into the closet and helped him pull off his t-shirt. Her sister’s eyes bulged as they traced the hard lines of his six-pack. Lisa reached around from behind and put her hands over his nipples, making Rocco and both girls shudder.

“Get out of here,” Lisa said to her sister. “You’re gonna get fired!”

Lisa closed the door behind her and said, “Do you have your camera ready so I can take my clothes off? I wouldn’t want you to miss that.”

“You are so perfect for this video, babe. I’m all set. Go ahead and strip for me.” He pointed the camera and hit the record button.

She swayed her hips as she unbuttoned her jeans. They were so tight, she had trouble pulling them down, but she quickly discarded them and pulled off her shirt. She was not wearing a bra, leaving her in only her lacy pink panties.

Rocco groaned as his cock swelled. “Oh, you are so sexy, babe.” He reached out to touch her rose-colored nipples and gave each small tit a squeeze. Big, full boobs were his favorite, but he couldn’t resist tiny little tits on a small girl either.
“Careful, you’re shaking the camera,” she said. “You don’t want to mess up my audition tape.”

“Mmm. Take your panties off. I want to see your pussy.”

She hooked her thumbs through the silky fabric and took them down, just a little bit. She turned away from him, giving him a glance at the top of her cheeks and the crack in between. She turned again, this time dropping her panties to the bottom of her slim buttocks. Her thumbs remained hooked in the fabric as she turned to face him.

“Oh, babe,” he said when he saw her for the first time from the front. She let the panties fall to the floor and stepped out of them, spreading her legs enough to allow Rocco to see her pink lips before she turned away from him. She bent at the waist, legs apart, and pulled her ass cheeks open with her hand, revealing her rosebud. 

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