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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Review: She Sees in Her Sleep

She Sees in Her Sleep: Three November Snow ShortsShe Sees in Her Sleep: Three November Snow Shorts by A.M. Manay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I continue to love A.M. Manay’s November Snow series. This book of three shorts gives readers a glimpse into the kinds of visions November the human psychic/demon/vampire has when she is sleeping. They are more than entertainment, however. These stories provide us with information not included in the first or second books. We learn how Lijle, Gul, Ilyn, and Marisha brought together the fairies and vampires in alliance against the werewolves. We learn just how powerful fairy magic is while we get to know Pine’s husband and learn how they met.

Probably the most interesting revelation is about Luka. Is he inherently evil or does he have good reason for his negative feelings for Ilyn? And why does he hate werewolves so much? All of this plus six-year-old Zinnea’s reaction to meeting Tinkerbell at Disneyland will make any November Snow fa.n smile.

A.M. Manay could have TOLD her readers all of this in the other books. Instead she wed her storytelling ability to SHOW her readers. She is one of my favorite authors for good reason.

I have to say, I wish this series was all one novel. I can’t stand waiting for the next one.

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