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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: Compatible Gardens

Compatible GardensCompatible Gardens by Angora Shade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Compatible Gardens is a delightful lesbian tale about fate. It's short, and the sexual contact is limited to a sexy girl-on-girl handjob, but it's woven so well through the fabric of the story. Shade gives an excellent example of erotic realism, even if the idea of a stranger reaching into your pants seems a bit far fetched. Regular people, riding the bus, looking for apartments, real people judging the participants, including a grumpy nun, right in their faces.

Shade's writing is super slick, propelling the reader bus stop-by-bus stop to the climax, both the story's and the young woman's. What I enjoyed the most was the internal dialogue and the uncertainty. Was Ms. Greencoat touching her on purpose or not? I found it entertaining and arousing.

I also noted the realistic description of the moving bus. Anyone who has ever walked to a seat on a moving bus will recognize the exact motions made in the story. It was that extra layer of storytelling that brought it to life.

An excellent quick read. I highly recommend it.

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