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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review: Bending Over for Jeff

Bending Over For Jeff (Disciplined and Humiliated, A Backdoor Punishment Story)Bending Over For Jeff by July Cumming
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wish I had chosen a different July Cumming as my first, simply because it's hard to judge a smut writer by her satire. Cumming's protagonist is as frustrated as the rest of the indie writing world, and the author wraps this frustration into a fun, smutty story. We are all being held over a barrel by the high and mighty online ebook sellers, and the story's Ms. Cumming takes it. Just like "the others," indie authors' colleagues/competition.

The story hit home on many points (and it's the kind of story in which subsequent readings will reveal details missed on the first reading)--the "all knowingness" of the retailer, the instant delivery of any item imaginable, the "others." It made for awesome satire.

It's difficult to judge the "steaminess" of this story though. I was kind of ticked off the whole time because I understood the author's point so clearly, so I didn't enjoy the sexy parts the way they were meant to be enjoyed. For me, they were the sharpness of the satire. I'll have to read another July Cumming for the full effect. Which sends me right back to the "one-click" button. The circle of smut...

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