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Friday, March 11, 2016

Review: The Landscaper

The Landscaper (The Landscaper Series, #1)The Landscaper by Robin Stone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started Book 2 without realizing there was a first book. I read this: "The last time I saw Eric, I put his wife over my lap and spanked her, finger-fucked her, and pounded her until she screamed." I stopped right there. That one sentence pushed enough buttons to make me go back and read Book 1 first.

Book 1 is mostly sex. In the first few pages, I thought I was reading a typical "bored-rich-housewife-fucks-the-help" story. Said housewife soon lets her boy toy know that there is so much more going on--her husband was watching, and he wants a better seat next time. As I read, I thought there was just enough action outside of the sex to hold together a really smutty book, but Stone hit on so many of my own personal kinks, it didn't matter.

In addition to sex so hot it made me squirm in my chair, I was impressed with Stone's clean, slick writing. There's nothing extra here. It's short, not because it lacks detail or story, but because there's no filler. The author (and the main character) get the hell out of the way as soon as the orgasms are out of the way. But there is a story here. A landscaper who needs money gets paid to fuck a rich wife while hubby watches, but then he wants to pursue a girlfriend. Just enough tension to propel the story forward.

I'm just glad the second book was already on my Kindle when I finished this one. I couldn't have waited. Not patientlee, anyway. *wink*

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