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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Review: Donut Slut by Bryce Calderwood

Donut Slut!: Ariana's Cream-Filled Magical Sex Adventure (Lesbian Splosh Magical Fantasies)Donut Slut!: Ariana's Cream-Filled Magical Sex Adventure by Bryce Calderwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before you read this book, be sure to watch the video of Ariana Grande licking the doughnuts in the bakery. This ridiculous behavior was screaming out for somebody to write a silly story, and Bryce Calderwood did.

The story is funny and whimsical, especially in light of Ms. Grande's stunt. If it weren't based on this touch of reality, I would not have thought the story so clever. Calderwood gripped the real-world drama by the sprinkles, and crafted something funny and delicious.

The story features Ariana Venti, who tempts fate by ringing a bell in a bakery in spite of written instructions not to. The result is a hilarious limo ride with talking, fucking doughnuts. Calderwood walks the fine line between parody and the ridiculous, and does it with finesse. With the exception of pastry fetishists, readers will not find the story particularly arousing, but it is certainly entertaining.

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