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Monday, May 8, 2017

It All Ends Here: Morium Book 3: Terminus by S.J. Hermann

On May 9, 2017, IT ALL ENDS HERE.

One final confrontation between friends. . . . One final outcome.

In the finale of the highly rated supernatural thriller series, The Morium Trilogy, Lexi must not only fight the evil that resides within her, but also struggle to keep her relationship with Kyle from falling apart. Unknown to Lexi, Nathan is planning to exterminate not only the remaining bullies, but the entire town as well.

In the end, what will Lexi and Nathan choose . . . FRIENDSHIP or REVENGE?

Can they fight their inner demons and preserve what matters most?

Special Pre-Release price of $0.99

Amazon Link:  ebook/dp/B06WRQHR3V

S.J. Hermann is a writer of paranormal, science fiction, horror, and romance novels. His books have moral basis hidden within them, and he brings some of his experiences into his characters. Hermann is an anti-bullying advocate and his struggles with self-harm can be read on his website.

Hermann currently resides in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where after a break, he hopes to return to college to earn a certificate in graphic or web design.  When he is not thinking of stories to write, he is an award winning artist.

Hermann is an avid rollercoaster fan who has ridden over forty different coasters throughout his life. Though he is terrified of heights, there is not a ride he won’t conquer. If there is a hockey game on television, you can bet that he will be watching, especially his favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks.


Hermann is an avid Walking Dead fan and will read or watch anything about zombies. Max Brooks and Stephen King are his authors of choice. He is a strong supporter of indies.

Where to find SJ Online:


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MORIUM (Book One of the Morium Trilogy): 



If you had the powers to avenge yourself... would you?
Bullied... Years of shame... Lexi and Nathan knew pain.

MORIUM is the story of Alexandria and Nathan... and Stacy. Three teenagers who were victims of bullying all through high school. They kept their torment a secret from their family and tried to cope in their own way. They only had each other. Their friendship saw them through the seemingly endless years of suffering.

But hope was in sight… they will be graduating soon. The vision of a new life away from the bullies and the constant humiliation, gave them something to look forward to. If only that day came sooner.

One night, Lexi and Nathan saw an object fall from the sky and went to investigate. As they touched the rock, a strange power entered their bodies. Suddenly, they're not helpless anymore. They can get revenge for all the suffering and pain they had to endure.

How will they use these powers?

MORIUM discusses the moral dilemma of doing what's right against getting revenge. When your dignity has been shattered and your life has been a living hell . . . what is RIGHT?

Amazon Link:

Currently has 67 reviews on USA Amazon with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Click here for Patient Lee's review of Morium!



Morium: Dark Horizons (Book Two of the Morium Trilogy)

When the Light of Hope fades….

All that’s left are Dark Horizons…


In Book 2 of the MORIUM Trilogy, Alexandria and Nathan’s struggle with their supernatural powers continue.

When a new person enters her life, Alexandria or Lexi discovers that she doesn’t need supernatural powers to have a brighter future. She can leave her bullied past behind and rebuild her life. Meanwhile, “The Gift” takes deeper hold of Nathan and his hunger for revenge grows. But he fights his need to absorb souls to regain Lexi’s trust and save their friendship.

Stacy finds herself caught in the conflict between her closest friends, even as she battles her own demons. Whose side should she take? Will she choose love over friendship… or will she fail them both?

An opportunity to get back at Lexi’s assaulter pushes Nathan back into the path of darkness. One final act of bullying sets him over the edge, and he decides to put an end to the never ending pain and humiliation he and his friends suffered over the years.

Can Lexi save Nathan from completely giving in to the dark influence of The Gift?
Will their friendship survive?

DARK HORIZONS will immerse the reader into the intricate psyches of the bullied characters we rooted for in MORIUM. Morals aside, can we really blame Nathan for his anger and his need for revenge? Through indifference, did we not have a hand in creating the monster he has become?

Currently has 23 reviews on US Amazon with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

Amazon link:


 From the Author:

After I finished writing final book of the Morium Trilogy, I paused and reflected back as to why I wrote these books. It was more than releasing the one scene that played out in my head; the foundation in which Morium was built upon. I wanted to tackle tough subjects that teenagers may face on a daily basis. The emotional pain that lay buried deep in the conscious of their fragile minds as a result of relentless mental torture. How it might mold them into someone they never desired to be. To do unimaginable things to others, or to themselves.

I dig into sensitive topics that readers may have a hard time reading. Even though these books are YA, I don’t sugar coat. My goal was to provide an entertaining read while bringing forth serious problems; bullying, self-harm, addiction, loneliness, dealing with loss, sexual abuse and hiding your true self for fear of what others may think. Since it was integral to the story line, my writing had to be raw and to the point, for doing otherwise, would have lessened the impact.

Is this a dark series? Very. Is this a series for those younger than fifteen? Probably not. Give any teenager that has bottled up anger and give them the gift of supernatural powers, they will lash out any way they can.

None of this could’ve been possible if not for strong and developed characters. Alexandria (Lexi), Nathan, Stacy, and further in the trilogy, Renee, have their morals tested; fueled by abilities that two of them believe are an entitlement. I want readers to ask themselves how they’d react if they were walking in the shoes of the main characters. As I laid the groundwork for the trilogy, my personal demons from the past had me questioning my own morality. What would’ve I done?

 Amazon review of MORIUM:

Before you start reading, ask yourself this: If the universe gave me the chance to get revenge on those who harmed me, would I take that chance?

This is rhetorical, you don't have to answer. But just think. Think it through. Take your time. A once in the lifetime opportunity to get revenge on everyone that hurt you, mistreated you, bullied you, insulted you, overall made you feel worthless. Would you? That is the question at the center of this amazing book.

Walking home after a night at the movies, high school misfits Lexi and Nathan see something falling from the sky and landing on the park across the street. Curious, they get closer to inspect and find a crater with fragments of a green glowing rock which turns to dust in their hands as they pick it up. Dismissing it as a "weird thing", they head home. But when they wake up the next morning feeling nauseous and sick and stay like that for an entire week, Lexi and Nathan realize that something is really off with them. At first, the changes are subtle. Both friends just feel more aware of their surroundings and of the people around them. Then, Lexi's self-harm scars completely heal and disappear overnight as do Nathan's acne. But when things around them start to move with just the simple power of their minds, that's when they realize that something very strange happened the night they found that green rock. Acceptive and curious of his new found powers, Nathan sees this as a golden opportunity to end years of bullying against him. However, Lexi doesn't feel like they should be using these powers at all. Confused between what is right and what is just, both friends enter into a moral dilemma that will keep you on the edge of your seat and drinking every word from this fantastic sci-fi novel.

I would like to advise my fellow book lovers that this book has some descriptive scenes of violence and self-harm, so please be aware of this if and when you decide to read this book.

I really enjoyed reading it. It's a completely different story and genre of what I'm used to, but I was pleasantly surprised. The writing is great and the character development is fantastic. Nathan and Lexi start out as these incredibly shy, fearful and almost invisible teens, who were bullied for the most part of their lives. Both with confidence and family issues but always very loyal and supportive of each other. Afterwards, their introvert personalities do an 180° flip which completely changes them and the whole direction of the story. On a personal note, I preferred Nathan's transformation better than Lexi's, simply because his was more intense and unexpected.

In the beginning, I must confess I was a little skeptical about this book because it looked like another cliché high school bullying story. The jocks, the pretty and popular girls and the nerds that get treated like walking, talking punching bags. However, as the story evolved, my opinion changed into a more accepting and curious one. By the end of the book, I was so hooked on it I was actually surprised when I flipped to the last page and there was no more story! I didn't want it to end. And that's exactly why I am going to start reading the second book immediately!


She stared in disbelief as he lifted his arm and levitated the ceramic cup in the air. “Oh, my God! How are you doing that?”

He floated the cup over so it hung suspended in front of her. She reached out to grab it. She turned it over in her hands, searching for some kind of trickery. Pulling it free from her hand, he held it over the garbage can in the corner. He opened his hand as if he were holding it and abruptly closed his fist again, shattering the cup into several pieces which dropped into the garbage can.

Lexi pouted. “That was my favorite cup!”

“Forget the cup,” he continued in excitement. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Nathan closed his eyes and spread his arms out to his sides. He levitated a full four inches off the floor, bumping his head against the ceiling. “Can you believe this??”

“Get down.”


“Just get down from there.” She spoke with finality.

He lowered himself to the floor and took Lexi’s hands. “If I can do it, that means you can too.”

Lexi glanced at the garbage can where her shattered cup lay in pieces. “This isn’t right,” she told him, shirking his enthusiasm.

“What are you talking about?” Nathan was incredulous.

That was when Lexi noticed she could no longer sense any emotions coming from him as she’d been able to earlier in the day. “I could sense what you felt today after those guys hit you on the back of the head,” she admitted nervously. “If you can’t control it, somebody could get hurt…or worse.”

She finally conceded to what he’d believed all day; they could both sense other people’s emotions. His curiosity got the better of him, and he locked his eyes on hers in an attempt to tap into her thoughts—specifically, how she felt about him. Fear and apprehensiveness. Not quite what he was hoping for.

“So, you can sense other people’s feelings too?” he asked, sitting on her bed.

She sat next to him and replied, “Yes, I can. Right now, though, you’re a blank slate.” She studied his face before folding her right leg underneath her. “Nathan, we have to suppress everything you’ve just shown me. Our minds are too fucked up to handle these kinds of powers!”

“We finally have a chance to stand up for ourselves! To stand up against Tyler and Maddie, so they’ll give us the respect we deserve,” he cried out in frustration.

Lexi was becoming equally frustrated. “We don’t need these powers to stand up for ourselves, Nathan. How would you suggest these powers are going to earn us any respect? It’s something you have to earn; you don’t just take it.”

"Do you honestly believe those assholes will ever respect us?"

She took his hand and squeezed it tight. “You’ve got to promise me you’ll never use it, especially to hurt anyone.”

He looked away from her in disgust and disappointment as she continued. “Hey,” she said, turning his head back towards her with her finger. “We have to stick together on this, just like we’ve always done with everything else. I need you to promise me you won’t do anything stupid. I’m scared and confused, and I really need you right now.”

“I promise I won’t ever hurt anyone,” he said solemnly.

“Damn it, Nathan!” she yelled, slamming his hand down on the bed and jumping to her feet “I have enough to worry about.” She spun to face him. “I don’t need to worry about my closest friend losing control and hurting someone else.”

Nathan stood and approached her. “Are you saying you don’t trust me?”

She took his hands once again and held them tight. “Of course, I trust you. What I don’t trust is this mystery inside of us. I’ve been filled with anger and hate at times, so I know you have too. It could take one bad day to trigger something awful happening.”

“I know what you’re feeling,” he said.

“Then, you know I’m scared.” She spoke more softly. “Please, promise me?”

Looking deeply into her eyes, he replied, “I promise.”

“Good.” She snuggled into him as tightly as she could. “I won’t be able to get through this without you.”

Nathan pulled away, and Lexi escorted him out. Before she shut her door, he stopped it with his hand. “Everything is going to be okay,” he assured her.

The corner of Lexi’s mouth lifted, offering a weak affirmation of agreement. In the back of her mind, his words of encouragement had sounded hollow. She nodded, and in a soft tone said, “I hope so.”

After pushing it closed, she rested her head upon the door. Disappointment regarding Nathan’s new nature filled her soul. She could sense him, still standing on the other side of the wood. “Please, don’t break your promise,” she whispered.

Upcoming Books:

Perfect: Late 2017

A nearly omnipotent teenager discovers the steep price you pay when the unthinkable happens.

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